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Connect to Seminar Speakers

Are you looking to diversify your seminar series or conference line-up? Click HERE for a list of interested women and non-binary people of color in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and allied fields. If you self-identify as a women or non-binary person of color in EEB or an allied field, join the WOCinEEB Slack and add yourself to the list. Please do not add other people to the list without their explicit permission

Join our 1 x 1 Mentoring Platform

Mentorship is one of the most important tools to help folks navigate their career paths. Mentorship from someone who has shared experiences and similar goals is even better! If you are a woman or non-binary person of color and study Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and allied fields, sign up for our 1-on-1 mentoring program! Open to undergrads, grad students, and professionals, both academics and non-academics. Please sign up HERE by November 30th to be included in our first round of matches.

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